Denver, CO.
I meet John fuller by chance. On 4/06/19 I was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident. I was T boned by Chevy Silverado on my motorcycle that ran a RED light. Till this day I still do not have any memory of the accident and the only reason I'm here to tell this story is because of my helmet. All I remember is leaving the park playing basketball to only be opening my eyes again to people in mask rushing me down a hall way before passing out. Fast forward a couple days now I'm in the hospital deciding on what lawyer to call. Of course I go with the strong arm because you see it everywhere. I meet with the attorney and everything. 30 mins later the nurse that has been taking care of me comes in. To make a long story short I tell her the law firm I'm going with, she immediately tells me about her bad experience and to go with this other law firm. Which end up being John Fuller I have to say some of the best advertising out there is by word of mouth when the service is that good. John and is staff was awesome and extremely knowledgeable of the whole situation. John met with me at the hospital and I always had a direct line of contact to him. John and his staff kept me in the loop during this whole process. I could not be happier with my results and would recommend John Fuller Personal Injury Law firm to anyone involved in a accident like mine