Though whiplash is primarily a soft tissue injury, anyone who has had it can tell you just how much pain in the neck can affect your day. If you have sustained a whiplash injury following an accident, you may be entitled to a settlement for your pain and suffering. But how much of a settlement?

No two cases or settlements are the same, so it’s difficult to provide even a range of numbers for a question like this. However, an experienced personal injury lawyer considers many factors when pursuing your case.

What is Whiplash and When Does it Happen?

Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when the victim’s head is moved forward and then back suddenly and forcefully. This shaking motion is very common in auto accidents – especially rear-end collisions, but can also occur during sports injuries, slips and falls, and physical abuse where the victim is shaken.

Whiplash at its base is a soft tissue injury associated with neck pain and stiffness, loss of range of motion, headaches, and more. Mild whiplash injuries often heal with minimal treatment and may clear up in a couple of weeks. However, if the accident is severe, they may also have other severe head and neck injuries, blurred vision, and loss of feeling in the arms. Severe whiplash injuries can last for years and may take extensive treatment to correct.

What Factors Could Influence My Settlement?

A personal injury lawyer looks at several factors when considering a fair settlement amount for your claim. In addition to the severity of your injuries themselves, your legal team will also consider the location of the accident, who is at fault for the accident, your recovery time, and your pain and suffering – including needed rehabilitative services, lost wages, and the strain your injury places on your loved ones. It is highly recommended that you never accept an offered settlement amount, no matter how good it looks, without first speaking with a lawyer.

How Do I Make Sure I’m Compensated Fairly?

The best first step is to make sure you document your injuries, medical bills, and recovery closely. If you choose to file a claim for compensation, having detailed records will be indispensable.

Next, it is highly important that you hire a qualified Colorado personal injury lawyer to assist you with your case. Navigating the legal system is complex and stressful, especially if you have never done so and are without the years of training that lawyers have. Let someone experienced assist you with filing court documents, calculating settlements, and more so you can focus on recovery instead.