If you or a loved one has experienced a catastrophic injury, you need the best personal injury lawyer in Denver. Settling a large case without an experienced Colorado trial lawyer can leave a lasting effect on every aspect of your life. While no one can undo your loss, our Denver personal injury lawyers can help alleviate the financial burdens accompanying these traumatic events. 

For more than 20 years, the Fuller Law Firm has represented injured people in and around Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and beyond. Our practice areas include car accidents, motorcycle and truck accidents, as well as premises liability and traumatic brain injuries. Our legal team handles all manner of insurance claims.

Looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Denver? We’re here to help.

Hiring a big personal injury law firm in Denver might seem like your best choice—but when it comes to your personal injury claim, bigger isn’t always better.

Fuller Law does more than just grind out settlements; we build relationships with our clients to alleviate the anxiety and stress of a personal injury event. Our goal is to get the best possible outcome for every client, whether in settlement or in trial. We work hard to fully understand your case so you can focus on the long journey of recovery.

We see clients all over the state of Colorado. Recent clients have hailed from Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Boulder and beyond. Our dedicated personal injury lawyers are experts in their fields—and ready to fight for you.

Why You Need the Best Denver Personal Injury Attorney

According to the Insurance Research Council, retaining a lawyer will result in outcomes that are 300% higher on average, than non-represented claims. The best personal injury trial lawyers understand the lasting financial consequences of a serious injury. 

No one knows these facts better than the insurance industry itself. Studies from the Insurance Research Council suggest that clients whose case values exceed $15,000 get “exponentially more” than injured people without a lawyer. Across all claims, injured people with lawyers received an average of 500% more than claimants without a lawyer.

Not every lawyer is the same—and your choice of lawyer becomes significantly more important in cases with more serious injuries and larger financial losses. A series of law journal articles found that clients lose the most by hiring a large law firm that settles most or all of its cases.

5 Reasons To Choose Us As Your Denver Personal Injury Law Firm

1. Our personal injury lawyers fight for the full value of your claim.

Our Colorado personal injury law firm is here for everyone from the minorly inconvenienced to the seriously injured. We take the time to get to know every client and learn their story, so we can advocate for them in negotiations, mediations, depositions and perhaps even trial.

Personal injury lawyers are tracked by insurers using their federal tax ID number, and sophisticated artificial intelligence programs also track their trial success. This software determines your offer amount based on your choice of lawyer. If you seek the best Denver personal injury lawyer, look for the highest win rate in trial and the highest outcomes per case. 

2. Our singular focus is representing injured people.

First, not every lawyer who handles personal injury cases works in this field of law full-time. Some handle criminal law, wills, divorce, contracts, business law … any case that walks in the door. 

Even among the best Denver personal injury attorneys, there are many categories, some of which may apply to your type of case, while others may not at all. Some great Denver personal injury attorneys practice in mass torts (like lawsuits about medications or defective medical devices), workers compensation, medical malpractice or cases involving mesothelioma. 

Even for lawyers who only accept personal injury cases, not all are equally qualified. Not every personal injury lawyer is highly educated and highly experienced to handle all types of motor vehicle accidents in trial. Large Denver personal injury law firms and their lawyers may advertise that they accept these cases. Always look further at the lawyer’s education and experience handling auto accidents, motorcycle, trucking, bicycle and pedestrian accidents in Denver courts or other Colorado courts. 

Many injured people assume that hiring a large Colorado law firm will add prestige and value to their case. Many of these firms have low average case values—and insurers know they are ready to settle, even on cases worth substantially more.

Some law firms accept any case regardless of how strong (or weak) the facts are in support of their clients. We don’t believe in accepting cases that jurors could consider a “frivolous lawsuit” or anything close to it. Defendant insurers know our reputation for only accepting cases with a high likelihood of winning at trial.

Our approach is straightforward: we meet our clients, screen each case, and fully consider how a case would stand up to the scrutiny of jurors. Then we diligently work on every case to ensure we can prove every aspect of the client’s loss. By going the extra mile for our clients, we give our clients the best opportunity of success. 

We find doctors and other expert witnesses with the best professional credentials that will provide us honest opinions about our clients’ cases. This all takes money, time and a lot of effort—and, sadly, many law firms are not willing to invest the resources to evaluate your case fully. Without that personal and financial investment in your case to prove it to the insurer or the jury, you will never get full value for your losses. 

A search for the best personal injury attorney in Denver might begin with the question: “How much does that lawyer get on average for a case?” 

We have many settlements and verdicts for over one million dollars for injured people who received very low settlement offers. We litigate a high percentage of our cases to ensure that our clients get what they deserve for their serious losses. Our win rate at litigated cases is over 90%.

3. We understand traumatic brain injuries and other forms of catastrophic injury.

No one can possibly know the devastating effects of a catastrophic accident like the person experiencing it. Our compassionate Denver personal injury lawyers appreciate that no two cases are precisely the same. The mental and emotional effects of a TBI, amputation or other form of catastrophic injury can take a toll on the rest of a person’s life. Our team is sensitive to the permanent personal burdens that these events can require.

Cases involving wrongful death require an additional degree of compassion. The feelings of grief and loss can register in the body as physical pain. Our personal injury attorneys take this reality very seriously in every wrongful death case, fighting to recover the full value of your loss.

4. We know the Denver, Colorado market.

Our team of personal injury attorneys represents clients all over the Denver, Colorado area and surrounding cities. We have lived and worked in Colorado for decades. When seeking representation, consider working with a team of Denver personal injury attorneys who know the local area. Our law firm can help improve your quality of life after a serious injury resulting from a motor vehicle or bicycle/pedestrian accident. 

5. We study and understand insurance companies.

In high-value claims, insurance companies will often put up a fight, even if they’re contractually obligated to pay the full value of your accident claim. Insurance bad faith—when an insurer refuses to perform its obligations to an insured person—is more common than many realize. In fact, a variety of improper cost-cutting methods are used in a high percentage of cases. 

A lawyer’s ability to understand the complexities of insurance coverage can make the difference in your claim value. Challenges often arise in trucking law cases, where the tractor, trailer and different business entities may all have different insurance. The same is true in rideshare cases; the driver, the rideshare company, the vehicle owner and the client may all have one or more insurance policies. Our law firm handles complex situations like this regularly because of our extensive education and experience in truck crash cases.

If you have been injured in a car crash, truck accident or other personal injury event, call us today for a free consultation or to learn more about how we can help.