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When a passenger vehicle gets in a crash with a larger commercial vehicle —some can weigh up to 80,000 pounds — the results can be catastrophic. Following a commercial vehicle accident, even if you haven’t been injured, there is often still room for claims to be made. From determining the causes of the accident to receiving a settlement for personal suffering, there is plenty of room for a Denver commercial vehicle accident lawyer to lend help. Without a trucking lawyer representing you, you’ll likely be low balled by insurance companies. That’s why you want a seasoned Denver truck accident law firm like Fuller Law representing you.

With Fuller Law representing your case, you can rest assured you have Denver’s premier truck accident attorney on your side. With Denver being the crossroads of East and West, the number of commercial truck accidents is great. Many commercial carriers comply with various regulations under both federal and state laws, and the tractor, the trailer, and the load’s ownership may be from different entities and states, complicating the legal process. With our trucking lawyer, you can expect experience and a stalwart defense every step of the way. Our truck accident attorney and legal team help you navigate the labyrinth of semi-truck accident claims, so you don’t have to stress about the process. If you need reliable representation in the Denver area, hiring the premier commercial vehicle accident lawyer from Fuller Law is your best move.

Often, other Denver truck accident law firms will attempt to push for truck driver negligence in commercial accident cases. On top of that, to keep up to date with what’s happening, you’ll need to be in contact with your employer, insurance company, owner of shipped materials, and more. This quagmire of legal and personal investigation can overwhelm anyone. That’s why Fuller Law is here to help you navigate steps such as collecting data from the commercial vehicle’s on-board monitor and understanding the issues involving driver fatigue, employment screening, and drug testing. Our semi-truck accident lawyer and team in Denver work alongside you to provide the protection and guidance you need.

Expert Truck Accident Lawyer in Denver

Our trucking lawyer has ample experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of semi-truck accident representation. Whatever your case, we’ll begin evidence collection immediately to gather the strongest case we can. Dealing with a commercial truck crash is already stressful, and with insurance and other firms ready to point fingers, you’ll want a crack truck accident attorney on your side. Fuller Law has the semi-truck accident lawyer you need to win the settlement you deserve in Denver.

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